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Japan has made great efforts to develop low-cost blow molding machines

in recent years, low-cost products have been sold well in the Japanese packaging blow molding machine market

10kt/D main water supply network in the park has been laid for 3km and water supply has been realized; 110000 volt substation has been completed and put into use; 9 staff apartments have been completed and can be put into use; The service center building is undergoing interior decoration; Huangguan Avenue, Zhongxin Avenue and other basic projects are undergoing design optimization... At present

in Japan, due to the high packaging cost of beverages, it is a private high-tech enterprise with the largest range and the highest market share in Jinan experimental machine production base in China, accounting for about 20% of the total product cost, resulting in the high price of beverages. A 350ml drink costs $1. In this regard, in order to enhance market competitiveness, beverage manufacturers should try their best to reduce product costs and adopt low-cost packaging production equipment such as stretch blow molding machine

accordingly, the wind of reducing production costs has also blown in the Japanese stretch blow molding machine industry. For example, in order to reduce costs, the strategy of Nissei ASB machinery is to increase production and sales. At present, while improving the performance of the machine, the price of its products has also been reduced by 25% ~ 30%. For another example, Aoki company, a Japanese supplier of stretch blow molding machines, has launched a new three position "injection pull blow" injection molding machine, which is very popular in the packaging machinery market because of its low energy consumption, multi-purpose and affordable price

information source: home of chemical engineers

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