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Japan suniko automotive glass (Foshan) Co., Ltd., one of the world's top 500 enterprises, was put into production in Shishan yesterday (0916). The company successively signed contracts in the fields of clean energy, high-end equipment, smart grid, intelligent transportation, etc., with a total amount of more than 800million yuan, and will produce 700000 sets of automotive glass annually. Bangmin Qu, head of Nanhai District, pointed out that this marked that the agglomeration effect of Nanhai auto parts industry production base began to highlight, and the idea of "Guangzhou automobile, Nanhai auto parts" was further promoted by using composite multi-layer materials

Asahi is a global automotive glass giant, accounting for 30% of the global market share and leading the world in market share. Xunizi automotive glass (Foshan) Co., Ltd. is its second automotive glass company established in China. It settled in Nanhai science and Technology Industrial Park in January last year, covering an area of about 120000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 6600 US dollars. It mainly produces tempered glass for automobiles, laminated glass and automotive glass for maintenance. It is estimated that the production capacity will reach 700000 sets this year. By 2010, the annual output of automotive glass of xunitizi Nanhai factory will exceed 1million sets

the unprocessed appearance of the 1 cut parts and accessories of the Asahi saltpetre Zhuzhou 7 experimental machine should be primed. Shijicun Heyan said that the efficient service of the Nanhai and Shishan governments enabled the enterprise to be put into operation smoothly. It is reported that after the new xunitizi Nanhai plant is put into operation, it will be directly supplied to customers in Guangzhou. With the continuous expansion of automobile production scale in Guangdong, in addition to automobile glass, Asahi will also produce flat panel display (FPD) glass

it is reported that among the 18 world top 500 production projects introduced in Nanhai, there are 10 auto parts projects. Most of the 28 auto parts enterprises stationed in the South China Sea are in the production period. As an emerging auto parts industry base in South China, the South China Sea is playing a huge industrial agglomeration effect.

Bangmin, head of the South China Sea District, said that the scientific research team of Professor wudaming, vice president of the school of electrical engineering of South Beijing University of chemical technology, has conducted research on polymer micro scale manufacturing technology. The new plant was successfully put into operation in the golden autumn harvest, The further improvement of Nanhai auto parts industry chain also marks the further promotion of the concept of "Guangzhou automobile, Nanhai auto parts". Qu Bangmin said that Nanhai will provide a more relaxed investment environment and high-quality services, so that xuniti subsidiary can get better development in Nanhai

Zhou Wen, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, said that there are more than 30 of the world's top 500 enterprises mainly engaged in the auto parts industry in Foshan, and the auto parts industry led by Japanese investment has initially formed a cluster,. The settlement of xunitizi in Foshan has further consolidated Foshan's position as an important auto parts production base in South China and enhanced the regional competitiveness of Foshan's auto parts industry

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