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Japan introduced non pneumatic tires with recyclable materials

Bridgestone demonstrated non pneumatic concept tires at this Tokyo auto show, aiming to improve the environmental protection characteristics of tires

compared with traditional automobile tires, non pneumatic tires have less negative impact on the environment, but this technology cannot be mass produced at present. Add a small amount of watch oil

the internal part of the non pneumatic tire adopts a stretched spoke structure, which perfectly supports the weight of the car. This tyre does not need to be inflated regularly, which means that its maintenance cost is reduced. In addition, this structure is not afraid of the puncture of protrusions on the road, such as nails. The stretch spokes are made of reusable thermoplastic resin and the tread is made of rubber. All materials used in tyres are 100% recyclable

when the tire is worn out to be unusable due to the characteristics of the construction industry, it can be used again to manufacture new tires due to its recyclable materials

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