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Japan has successfully developed a powerful magnet without rare earth

the Graduate School of Tohoku University and other scientific research institutions and groups announced that they have successfully developed a basic technology to obtain a strong magnetic magnet without rare earth. The magnetic force of this "rare earth free magnet" can rival that of the neodymium magnet used in the engines of hybrid electric vehicles and household appliances. It is expected that the technology will become practical around 2025

it is reported that such magnets as the inner surface of cylinders, the main journal of precision machine tools, the main journal of coordinate boring machines, etc. are mainly composed of iron and nitrogen. There is no need to import rare earth minerals such as neodymium, which have supply risks when the maximum load exceeds 3% ~ 5%. This will mean that Japan has successfully synthesized "strong magnetic iron nitride" for the first time before other countries. Ferromagnetic iron nitride was promising about 40 years ago. Due to the possibility of nano synthesis technology, the research has made great progress

the raw materials required for the highly magnetic iron nitride successfully developed this time are provided by toda industry (located in Hiroshima county) which produces magnetic materials, and the synthesis technology is developed by professors such as Takahashi Yan of the Graduate School of Northeastern University. It is reported that as a project of the new energy industry comprehensive development organization (NEDO) with a total investment of 500million yuan as an independent administrative legal person, the research will be assisted by Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. in the future to jointly improve the high temperature resistance and magnetic durability of strong magnetic iron nitride

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