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The home decoration industry is becoming more and more intense with the development of economy, which promotes the market development of the wooden door industry. However, there are also many problems, such as how to choose wooden door manufacturers and wooden door brands. Whether consumers choose wooden door styles or dealers choose this wooden door brand to join, there will be a lot of trouble. Decoration in recent years tends to be environmentally friendly and healthy solid wood products, mainly including wooden doors, woodwork, and whole wood customized series, especially wooden doors. There are many wooden door brands, and the product quality is also mixed. Many agents who are interested in joining the wooden door industry, how to choose, so today I'll talk about which wooden door brand to join? In fact, to tell the truth, there is no standard conclusion about which company Mumen joins, because the so-called "good" is nothing more than good sales performance and more money after joining. However, there are many factors involved in this. It's not enough to build life here. Just a few important points are introduced:

first point: don't pursue big brands

in people's impression, the fixed thinking mode is to choose brands. Yes, the brand does have its advantages, popularity and reputation. But don't ignore that the most direct effect of the brand is the high price. For the franchisees of wooden door brand, the positioning of products is very important. Whether such expensive products meet your sales group, of course, many people will think that big brands also have cheap products. Generally, low-cost products are the drainage products of large brands. Compared with this price, it may be better to choose other manufacturers with a little reputation, including all aspects of service. Moreover, the popularity of big brands has been formed, and investment attraction is not their focus. For those who want to join, the policy threshold will be very high. There are multiple agents in the same region, and the competitive pressure will be particularly high. This is not a good situation for many Mumen franchisees. For example, tree life is attracting investment, and the various policies launched are very attractive. The successful replication of the model, with a single store sales of more than 20million, is the best evidence. Chengde flagship store is in preparation and will open soon

second point: products should be environmentally friendly and healthy

the overall environment has been poisoned by haze. More people who will make do with the quality of life value environmental protection and health. Especially indoor is the place where people spend the longest time. I hope it will be more natural. Products must be environmentally friendly and healthy, which is the current mainstream trend. For example, the wood door of tree life adopts solid wood, removes heavy pollution sources such as density boards, and adopts special processes to customize an environment-friendly and healthy home environment for you, so as to truly realize the goal of tree life

third point: the product quality must be excellent

no matter what brand of wooden door manufacturer you choose, the quality must be the first. Consumers will not recognize products with poor quality, even if the brand reputation is big. Mumen franchisees must seriously control the quality, and cannot blindly seek profits and lose a larger market. Therefore, you can't choose too small enterprises without strength foundation and strict quality management system. Enterprises with certain brand effect should be selected. For example, the series of products launched by shushengmumen fully implement the "ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification" system and the "ISO14001 international environmental protection system certification" system; The products fully comply with the "national standard gb1802/gb18580" and the newly implemented "GB18580-2001 environmental protection standard" and "EU international CE standard", and have strict process standards, which are checked at all levels to ensure the quality of products

fourth point: the wooden door design is novel

generally, small enterprises do not have a lot of funds to develop new products, while the products developed by big brands are too conceptual, and a lot of costs will be invested to get back the profits from dealers, including consumers, "wool comes from sheep". So choose a moderate brand, and the one that suits you is the best. For example, tree life wooden door is not well-known in the market, but its craftsmanship, excellence in wooden doors, has won many design awards. The "Gold Award for scientific and technological innovation and design", "Tuscany (classic National Park) style interpretation Award" and "2009 consumer satisfaction brand of wooden door products" issued by the 9th China International Door Industry Exhibition in cide2010 are the best proof

fifth point: soft power, service can keep up

as long as it is a product, it is inseparable from service. However, most franchisees of wooden door brands ignore this problem. And there are many misunderstandings that there are many after-sales service points, which are more trustworthy. Remember here: there are many after-sales service points for Samsung mobile phones, and the problems are also many, even heinous. Apple mobile phone basically has no after-sales service, but there are few complaints. Practice is the standard to check the truth, and public praise is the best honor. For example: tree life wooden door, put the service into the product, and strive to improve the service and value of the product itself, so that the after-sales problems will be much less. Each tree life wooden door is launched, and it has received the love and popularity of the majority of consumers. In a short time, the stores are all over the country, and it is highly praised, which is the company's proudest

success depends on persistence. Tree life wants to say that choice is equally important. A good choice is equal to half the success, and twice the result with half the effort. So now if you want to join kimen, you must polish your eyes and choose the best one that suits you. Do wooden door brand to join, tree life is worth your understanding




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