The decoration set meal is tricky

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In view of the above problems, it is suggested that consumers should choose a formal and reputable decoration company and have a detailed budget for their own decoration expenses, so as to avoid being tempted by the preferential conditions such as "package price" and "extra large discount" of the decoration company. When signing a home decoration contract, you should carefully check whether the project budget and final account, project warranty and other contract attachments are complete

four problems that should be paid attention to in the decoration package:

first, low prices attract customers. It only needs 30000 to 40000 yuan to make a rough room of about 80 square meters realize fine decoration in a short time, and promises that the overall bathroom, the overall kitchen, the floor, the inner door and the wall are all in place. Owners often find it difficult to resist the temptation of low prices and sign contracts with decoration companies without carefully reviewing the contracts. In the future, both parties are prone to disputes over the validity of the contract and the return of the deposit

the second is the wanton increase of items and budget overruns. The decoration budget issued by the construction personnel after the increase of household measurement requirements is much higher than the package selected by the owner, and the budget is overspent again due to water and electricity transformation and other projects in the actual construction process. In view of the fact that the contract has been signed, many owners are worried about the loss of deposit or other inputs, and are often forced to accept the costs arising from the additional items of the project

third, the decoration materials steal beams and change pillars. As the "package" decoration takes the form of contracting labor and materials, some dishonest decoration companies deceive the owners into using low-quality materials that do not meet environmental protection standards in order to make more profits, resulting in the original decoration materials in the contract being secretly replaced. Because some owners do not have professional knowledge in this regard, it is often difficult to provide evidence in litigation

fourth, quality problems are common. With low price and short-term success, owners often find that the effect of home decoration cannot achieve the expected purpose after the completion of house decoration. The smell of interior decoration is difficult to dissipate for a long time, and the wall is prone to peeling, penetration and other problems. In the lawsuit, the owner and the decoration company have difficulty in reaching a consensus on the project quality, which usually requires relevant appraisal of the project quality

it is clearly agreed in the decoration contract that any increase or decrease in decoration expenses during construction must be filled in a change order, which shall be signed by the home decoration company and the owner for confirmation. For the decoration materials provided by the decoration company, the owner shall require it to provide the name, manufacturer and other information of the materials, and require the company to provide the environmental protection certificate of the materials if necessary. During the project acceptance, it is agreed that the indoor environmental monitoring report shall be taken as the precondition for handover and acceptance





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