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From April 25 to May 24, yimuxuan took the lead in detonating the promotion war of wooden doors. High discounts made profits to new and old customers, and opened a consumption feast. All wooden doors and customized furniture products in yimuxuan wooden door specialty stores enjoyed discounts and benefits

"May Day" wooden door purchase please recognize yimuxuan wooden door. When the small and long holiday is coming, the home decoration sales war also ushers in a "peak moment". Although there is only a three-day holiday, the home decoration brand has also prepared various promotional "meals" in this home decoration peak season, and consumers are also rubbing their hands and hands ready to start. For consumers, as the last centralized promotion period in the first half of the year, it is a good choice to buy home decoration building materials on May Day

"a small holiday, a big gift", the May day decoration is cost-effective. From April 25 to May 24, yimuxuan took the lead in detonating the wooden door promotion war, making high discounts for new and old customers, and opening a consumption feast. All the wooden doors and customized furniture products in yimuxuan's major franchised stores enjoy discounts and benefits

five gifts

attention gifts: pay attention to the official wechat of Muxuan and give gifts immediately

entrance gift: a beautiful gift will be given when entering the store

order gift: a senior gift will be given for all orders

full payment gift: full payment means you can enjoy the super affordable discount

group purchase gift: all participants enjoy the special price of the event

May Day special offer product series:

spend the least money and enjoy a high-quality life, which is the way to spend money on decoration! Yimuxuan National May Day large-scale promotional activities have begun. Consumers must not miss this super affordable opportunity

as a leading brand of one-stop home consumption, yimuxuan home adheres to the service concept of wholeheartedly customizing for you, and provides consumers with customized products covering the whole house, such as wooden doors, wardrobes, wine cabinets, bookcases, ceilings, wallboards, wine cellars, etc. In this may day promotion, yimuxuan wooden door provides all-round, deep-seated and multiple good gifts to meet the shopping needs of consumers, so that every consumer who comes to the event can choose their favorite products and return

note: the final interpretation right of the event belongs to yimuxuan wooden door. Please consult major franchised stores nationwide for details of the event





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