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Huzhou Xingxiu decorative materials Co., Ltd. is located in Nanxun, Zhejiang Province, the "charming ancient town of Jiangnan Water Town". It is a decorative materials company integrating production, sales and service. The company covers an area of about 30000 square meters, and the construction area of wallpaper production base is 20000 square meters

Ding Liqiang, general manager of Huzhou Xingxiu decorative materials Co., Ltd.


Ding Liqiang, founder of Xingxiu wallpaper, general manager of Huzhou Xingxiu decorative materials Co., Ltd. He was born in Nanxun, Zhejiang Province, a charming ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. He has been engaged in the building materials industry for 15 years from 1996 to 2011, and has absorbed many business management and sales concepts in the field of building materials industry. In 2011, we seized the opportunity, made breakthroughs and innovations, joined the wallpaper industry, established Huzhou Xingxiu decorative materials Co., Ltd., and created two brands, "Xingxiu" and "paper goes all over the world". So far, it has been committed to promoting the rapid growth of Xingxiu brand and creating fashionable, healthy and environmental friendly decorative materials for domestic and foreign markets

personal remarks

people must make plans and have goals in the future, because goals will bring motivation to people

grasp the opportunity at the right time and continue to innovate and develop

management is to simplify complex problems

business philosophy

based on products and services, we should really do a good job in product quality and customer service. To this end, teamwork is an important force in brand development. Under the guidance of Xingxiu, Xingxiu's employees, dealers and suppliers will maximize the value of Xingxiu's products, and provide continuous impetus for the development of Xingxiu's brand through the embodiment of product value. In the current fierce market competition environment, Xingxiu's business management philosophy is based on the corporate culture of teamwork, initiative, innovation, professional quality and honesty

home hotline: President Ding, the situation of wallpaper industry was relatively stable in 2013. How is the development of star show wallpaper this year

Ding Liqiang: the development of Xingxiu this year exceeded our company's plan for 2013 in 2012. It can be said that it is booming and has achieved very good benefits. Through the production of genuine products, all consumers and dealers can feel the kindness and realism of star show wallpaper. Therefore, the reputation of the market is very good, and it also plays a certain role in promoting the industry

home hotline: in 2013, star show wallpaper participated in the "five star standard of Chinese wallpaper" initiative, and what results have been achieved? What are your opinions and suggestions on the current industry standard construction of wallpaper industry

Ding Liqiang: since we participated in the initiative of "five star standard of Chinese wallpaper", many dealers have more confidence in our enterprise. Through this activity, we further explained to consumers the brand connotation of "star show" and "paper in the world" wallpapers, which follow standards, attach importance to standards, and advocate standards, which has played a great role in promoting brand publicity

in view of the current situation of the wallpaper industry, I hope the association will hold more large-scale evaluation activities to guide enterprises to develop better through evaluation criteria. For example, the dealer survey activity sponsored by Huiya information, through a large number of questionnaires and online consultation, will have a greater impetus to brand development. This year, star show won the honor of "the most respected brand by dealers" in the dealer survey. This is for associations and media

for our enterprises, with this five-star standard, consumers can buy things with more confidence, and it also has a certain role of self-discipline for enterprises, because we are the proponent of the five-star standard, we should be more rigorous in the implementation of this standard and do a good job in quality. To achieve this standard, enterprises must have a perfect production management system, strictly control the source of purchase, and do not cut corners. At present, many enterprises in the industry blindly pursue high profits at low cost, which has had a lot of adverse effects. On the other hand, the association can also propose standards for upstream suppliers, so that manufacturers can have more reference in the future

home hotline: in recent years, the haze in Beijing has become more and more serious, and various environmental pollution situations have also occurred from time to time. Therefore, consumers' requirements for low-carbon environmental protection have become increasingly urgent. The wallpaper industry shoulders the responsibility of creating a green home environment, so what measures does the company have in this regard

Ding Liqiang: we should pay more attention to environmental protection. As the standards mentioned above, we hope that upstream suppliers will provide us with high-quality raw and auxiliary materials to reduce the environmental pollution caused by materials. If the product quality is good, there will be less natural pollution. In the previous wallpaper industry, the quality of many inks and accessories was poor, which made the quality of wallpaper products decline. In view of this, our company has also taken many measures this year to increase capital investment. Even a piece of scrubbing cloth will be recycled, the water for roller washing will be treated again, and the ink waste residue will be pressed into blocks, so as to ensure low-carbon and environmental protection and contribute to the society

home hotline: are you satisfied with your performance in the development of Xingxiu? For new wallpaper manufacturers, what experience do you have to share with them

Ding Liqiang: I feel that after I started to be a star show, I found a coordinate in my life and a milestone in my career. Therefore, I am quite satisfied with my experience along the way. It's satisfying to be able to contribute a little to the healthy development of the industry

my business philosophy is two words - kindness. For new manufacturers, my experience is to have a correct attitude and accept fair competition. If the mentality is not put right, blindly vicious competition, products shoddy, will ultimately be more than worth the loss. Healthy development is the most important for enterprises

home hotline: what is president Ding's forecast for the development of the industry in 2014? What are the plans of star show in the new year

Ding Liqiang: under the regulation of national real estate, the wallpaper industry may have some twists and turns in 2014, but the overall progress speed is still very fast, which is better than that in 2013. The company has also formulated a series of plans this year: increase production lines, develop more versions, and invest more in marketing outlets. Here, I also call on all enterprises not to blindly pursue exorbitant profits at a reasonable price. Only by making wallpaper develop healthily and competing with other wall decoration materials, can wallpaper still be a sunrise industry

company profile

Huzhou Xingxiu decorative materials Co., Ltd. is located in the "charming ancient town of Jiangnan Water Town" - Nanxun, Zhejiang Province. It is a decorative materials company integrating production, sales and service. The company covers an area of about 30000 square meters, and the construction area of wallpaper production base is 20000 square meters. Starshow wallpaper starshow, adhering to the high-quality and high-quality exquisite technology of the foreign wallpaper industry, perfectly combines European and American fashion elements with Oriental classic elements, showing the systematic, branded and sustainable development style of wallpaper in China

taking "my creative quality of life" as the brand concept, star show advocates and strives to promote the personalized aesthetic home decoration concept in China. Since its establishment, star show wallpaper has won the titles of "China's top ten fashion brands" in the wallpaper industry, "the most growing brand" in the home furnishing industry, and "the most respected brand by dealers" in the home furnishing industry





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