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The area of small family houses is not large, and there are even fewer people assigned to each space. As an essential multi-functional area of family life, the bathroom has a high frequency of use and high requirements for storage, but how can we solve the storage problem in a limited space? Now let's follow Xiaobian to understand several principles of small apartment bathroom decoration

small apartment bathroom 1. Compact design of dry and wet partitions

in order to have a better use experience, in addition to enriching various functions, it is recommended to try to achieve dry and wet partitions. What is dry and wet zoning? In fact, there should be a clear division between the toilet area and the shower area. Don't be scattered and complicated. The setting place and opening direction of the toilet are considered to be in the most convenient position. Considering the wet and slippery characteristics, necessary items and appropriate handrails should be set nearby. At the same time, the overall tone of the bathroom, as long as we deal with the clean problem of lustre. It is recommended to match light colors with dark colors, such as black, dark green and dark blue, which are easy to feel dirty, so it must be used with white

small family bathroom 2. Reasonable combination of bathroom and sanitary ware

the combination and collocation of bathroom and sanitary ware must be designed according to the characteristics of bathroom space. As the first choice of small family bathroom, wall hung basin has obvious advantages in space saving. Because of its close fitting with the wall, the space under the table can be released to the greatest extent, which provides convenience for the installation of the bath cabinet. At the same time, choose the extended style on the left and right of the washing table, which can increase the storage space. In addition, because the bathroom space is limited, the shower has become the standard configuration of small family bathroom because of its space utilization advantage. At the same time, the use of shower can realize the division of dry and wet areas in the bathroom space and ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom space

small apartment bathroom 3. Use corners to increase storage

the most troublesome problem in small apartment bathroom is storage. Making full use of corners and hardware accessories in bathroom renovation can maximize the storage function of bathroom. Put a locker in the space below the sink to store some items that are not commonly used in ordinary days. The extended table of the sink can also be placed with soap and other items. At the same time, the corner can also be cleverly covered with lockers, which can place many things besides being beautiful, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. Towels, toilet paper, hair dryer &hellip& hellip; Please go up to the wall. A few simple glass plates are hung on the wall to put cosmetics. Some storage bars or hardware accessories will also increase the storage space of the bathroom

the above is an introduction to the decoration principles of small bathroom. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about decoration, please pay attention to the decoration information channel





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