Shangpin house with small space and large bedroom

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Modern people flock to cities more and more. Housing in cities is becoming more and more scarce. House prices have also been rising in a straight line. Houses are getting smaller and smaller. The crowded space is suffocating. Don't be afraid. Shangpin home is customized to solve your troubles

customization has become the darling of modern home furnishings. Small space and large rooms, but they should be reasonably arranged so as not to appear fashionable and high-end, and bring you a comfortable home life. Shangpin home accessories can customize your home and bring you heartfelt enjoyment

the design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, giving people a strong breath. The elegant white cabinet is the main tone, and some fine late accessories are integrated into the design style, fully reflecting a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere

this space is mainly designed for multi-functional purposes. It is a comprehensive study composed of three areas: office area, rest area and dance entertainment. It is mainly a study. The combination of bookcase and desk can meet the office needs. The design next to the desk is tatami, which can not only meet the strong storage function, but also achieve the function of leisure area, but also achieve the function of secondary bedroom, and can be used as a bed to achieve the function of rest

the combination of bedroom bedside table meets the role of lighting and decoration accessories. The design of wardrobe adopts Milan format design, and the leather design echoes with the glass color of the background wall, making the whole space harmonious and harmonious. The combination of TV cabinets not only meets the daily grooming, but also has office functions. The cabinet next to it can play the effect of display and storage, and the whole is full of rich classical nostalgia

as long as the use of space is reasonable, a small room can also create a tall home life. Shangpin homestead will design your satisfactory home life for you




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