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Now many enterprises have hired a batch of celebrity spokesmen. In fact, this behavior has not played a fundamental role in improving brand image or product sales

enterprise is the foundation, product is the source of power, and brand is the soul

now many enterprises have hired a batch of celebrity spokesmen. In fact, this behavior has not played a fundamental role in improving brand image or product sales. If enterprises stop using celebrity spokesmen, consumers begin to doubt whether the enterprise is weak or lack of financial resources, and its products gradually lose their appeal in the market, As a result, enterprises have to "always use celebrity spokesmen" until they become a normal state of enterprises. In the long run, enterprises gradually fall into a vicious circle, and they can't live without stars. Is it omnipotent to have stars? Many cases have proved that this is not the case --

A) a large food and beverage group used a mainland Diva singer aged 40+ to endorse its new CICI jelly. The hired star "coffee" is enough, but the main audience of jelly is the 20-year-old consumer group, and the spokesperson is mismatched with the product appeal point. Its effect can be imagined, and the huge brand investment of the enterprise has been wasted

b) a famous automobile brand signed a sports star who just won the world swimming champion as the brand spokesperson. He shot an advertisement for driving the brand car, and the advertising picture was full of motion. At that time, when the sports star was in hot demand, his every move caused the pursuit of the film media. Unexpectedly, in a traffic injury accident, the star was exposed as driving without a license, causing an uproar. The advertising of the car brand was also implicated, which caused a chain reaction and damaged the credibility of the brand

hiring stars as brand spokesmen is like a double-edged sword. The brand risk of the enterprise is exposed and uncontrollable. However, is it impossible to build a famous brand enterprise without employing a spokesperson? Please allow me to list one or two here:

Mercedes Benz, Porsche and BMW, these three car brands that have spanned two centuries and are still full of vitality. They have always thought that they did not deliberately hire brand spokesmen. Their brand vitality comes from their extreme focus on the technology of the product itself. Every time they develop a product, they are not satisfied with the achievements they have made at present, and they are more motivated to study and design newer products to replace the previous one. This kind of humility and effort of self-innovation within the enterprise is the source of the brand's global reputation and life continuity

there are too many similar examples: BASF and Bayer from the chemical industry, Bosch, Siemens and OSRAM from the electronics industry; Montblanc, Hugo Boss, Escada, etc. from the clothing industry. They are world-renowned high-quality brands from Germany

the brands mentioned above always have the same investment force: the product itself. Only with the support point can we have a commanding position, and we can see hundreds of steps within ten steps. Only sincere products and services are the nuclear power for the continuous growth of the brand

based on the home building materials industry, as an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, OPEC doors and windows has always firmly believed that environmental protection, health and quality of products are the foundation of enterprises and brands. OPEC doors and windows has always focused on product research and development and technology improvement, and actively introduced advanced German door and window production equipment. From the raw materials of the profile to each component, the final selection is determined through strict testing procedures. Create door and window products with uniform design and quality

up to now, it has high-grade aluminum alloy swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors, heavy sliding doors, windows, sunshine rooms and other perfect categories. And has launched a number of popular product series: classic fashion series, silver fox series, apple series, gold diamond series, New York noble series, heavy sliding door series, etc

from the beginning of the establishment of the brand, we always believe that products, quality, channels, research and development, sales, teams, management, etc. are the basis for brand growth. Since ancient times, only good products can produce good reputation, and good reputation can form an excellent brand; Excellent brands grow into profitable enterprises

in less than a decade, OPEC doors and windows has won a place in the door and window market, and gradually climbed the peak, becoming a German door and window brand that occupies a place in the field of customized doors and windows today. My "door" and "window" guide speak for themselves with real quality and are more responsible for consumers





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