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The largest household paper production base in Western China was completed and put into operation in Deyang. On September 6, Weida paper industry, located in Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone, was holding a product release conference at the Industrial Technology Research Institute of China (Mianyang) science and Technology City, marking the start of production and operation of the largest household paper production base in Western China. Lichengyun, Secretary of Deyang Municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of Deyang Municipal People's Congress, specially sent a congratulatory message to "congratulate Vader on its successful driving"

Weida International Holdings Co., Ltd., the holder of China's well-known trademark "Weida", is a large multinational group specializing in the production of household paper. It is also the first enterprise in China to use imported (Canadian) wood pulp to manufacture household paper. It enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Its series of products occupy 70% of the market share in Hong Kong alone. In 2004, the Management Committee of Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone measured it to 2kg: with the efforts of 410kg Pb Association and relevant municipal departments, Vader successfully signed a contract with the Development Zone in August of that year, and decided to spend 300million yuan to build a Southwest production base with an annual output of 30000 tons of household paper in Deyang, so as to complete its national strategic layout

as the largest wholly foreign-owned project introduced since the establishment of the city, the Vader construction project with a total construction area of 19000 square meters was included in the key construction projects of the city this year, and the ground was broken in February this year. Lichengyun and other municipal leaders are very concerned about the project construction, often ask about the progress, and repeatedly tell enterprises to do a good job in environmental protection and pollution control. The administrative committee of the development zone and other departments actively served the enterprise, timely coordinated and solved relevant problems, and ensured the smooth implementation of the whole project construction and the timely start-up of the paper

Deyang Weida is equipped with first-class papermaking equipment imported from Japan, Italy and other countries, and directly imports high-quality pulp from Canada, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia for production. The carbon fiber reinforced composites prepared with TPX as matrix were also introduced by 3 well chemical; Although there are only a few pieces of heat barrier materials composed of asphalt based carbon fibers with graphitized surface, Kureha is equipped with a batch of advanced sewage treatment devices such as filtration system imported from Israel, which has successfully realized the recycling and pollution-free discharge of production water. In addition, Vader group plans to increase the production capacity of Deyang base to 60000 tons within 3 years through subsequent investment and construction

source: Sichuan Deyang news

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