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At the beginning of this month, the high-profile 20MW photovoltaic power generation demonstration project in Zhuzhou National Technology Industry Development Zone will be officially and comprehensively started

the total investment of the project is 236million yuan, which is undertaken by Zhuzhou sorasel new energy Co., Ltd. and the design and construction period is 4 months. Upon completion, it will become the largest photovoltaic power generation demonstration project in Hunan Province. Compared with traditional thermal power generation, the project has an average annual accumulation of 6800 tons of standard coal and 16400 tons of carbon emissions, of which the extension meter and fixture are the most important

BAIC and overpass cranes will be the first to install and use

relevant data show that Zhuzhou has an annual sunshine of more than 1252 hours and an average annual solar radiation of 4390mj/m2 in recent years, belonging to an area rich in solar energy resources. There are many advantages in vigorously developing the photovoltaic industry in Zhuzhou

in July, 2011, Zhuzhou national high tech Industrial Development Zone decided to build a 50MW photovoltaic power generation project by using the standard plant and all administrative and commercial buildings. Last year, the first phase of the project focused on continuous 20MW photovoltaic power generation demonstration project was listed in the national "2012 golden sun demonstration project catalogue", with a national financial subsidy of 110million yuan

the project occupies 245000 square meters of roof area, and 80000 245W polysilicon solar cell modules are installed. As long as there is enough light energy, the battery panels can generate electricity continuously and automatically without any care. The annual power output is 20000 kW, which can supply the energy needs of 2.5 auto parts parks

it is reported that BAIC, Tianqiao crane, Tiantai Jingu Venture Park and GaoKai auto parts Park will take the lead in installing and using photovoltaic power generation

households can also realize photovoltaic power generation

not only enterprises, but also ordinary households can realize photovoltaic power generation, and excess electric energy can be sold to the state

last October, State Grid Corporation of China announced that it would implement the policy of "free access and full purchase" for distributed photovoltaic power. In other words, ordinary families can "use their own electricity spontaneously and use the surplus electricity" and earn a sum of electricity bills

in addition, according to reliable sources, the national development and Reform Commission will give different degrees of subsidies to distributed photovoltaic power generation, including individuals. At present, relevant policies have been issued and the following points need to be checked:

"this is definitely good news for the people." According to zhouhengqi, chairman of "solar new energy", a villa needs at least twenty or thirty thousand yuan of electricity a year. If a photovoltaic power generation combination is installed on the roof, it only needs to invest forty or fifty thousand yuan, which is very cost-effective. Zhonghua glass () Department

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