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The largest jaw crusher in China of North Heavy Industries has been successfully commissioned in the plant

the largest jaw crusher in China of North Heavy Industries has been successfully commissioned in the plant

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jaw crushers are mainly used for the initial crushing operation of metallurgical, mining, building materials, mining and other enterprises, i.e. coarse crushing. North Heavy Industries is one of the domestic manufacturers that design, develop, test and manufacture jaw crushers. It has a history of manufacturing jaw crushers for more than 60 years. PEF, pej, etc. have formed 15 basic specification series and have a deep foundation in manufacturing jaw crushers

at present, the maximum specification of domestic jaw crusher enterprises is 1200x1500 (i.e. the ore feeding mouth is 1.2m wide and 1.5m long). Some enterprises in the small jaw crusher market have achieved mass production, skilled technology and fierce price competition. The pef1521 jaw crusher produced by the mining equipment business department of the equipment company for Guangdong Guangye cloud sulfur mining company is the best proof that the equipment company continues to improve the specification, output and energy efficiency of the equipment. On the basis of realizing the serialization of 900x1200 and 1200x1500, the compound pendulum jaw crusher with the largest international specification of 1500x2100 has been developed, filling the domestic gap. Its maximum capacity has reached more than 1400t/h, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises on the market of large jaw crushers with simple operation

the jaw crusher has a frame structure without welding. Compared with the traditional cast welding structure, it not only shortens the processing and assembly time with the development of science and technology, but also completely eliminates the welding internal stress, greatly reduces the weight and improves the equipment strength. The perfect dynamic balance calculation bid farewell to the traditional installation method of bolted concrete foundation and reduced the civil engineering cost. The modular design allows the equipment to be easily placed anywhere and can be changed at any time as required. The new design also brings lower vibration and noise. Combined with the unique sealing and dust-proof structure, it has become the representative of the real green mining equipment. The equipment of this specification also adds an important member to the family tree of the group's jaw crusher

the new modular design and the assembly structure of steel plate and independent parts have not only brought qualitative improvement to the equipment, but also brought unprecedented challenges to the production organization mode. The old jaw crusher process and quality inspection system obviously can not meet the needs. What this revolutionary new jaw crusher needs is a new management concept and production process. The production department of the equipment company has overcome difficulties and made constant exploration by crossing the river by feeling the stones. During the subsequent assembly and commissioning in the factory, they strictly controlled the quality, inspected each process, and worked overtime to eliminate difficulties. Finally, Kung Fu is worthy of the producers. After countless days and nights, the largest jaw crusher in the history of Beizhong has taken shape, and finally successfully completed the commissioning task, which has been affirmed by the owner

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