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Trillions of nuclear power investment "fission": equipment production giants benefit the most

various signs show that China's nuclear power investment is fission

On the 18th, the first industrial fund initiated by a central enterprise and established with the approval of the State Council, the first phase I raising agreement of the CGN industrial investment fund with a total scale of 10billion yuan, was signed in Beijing. The 7billion yuan raised in phase I will be mainly invested in clean energy projects such as nuclear power. Bank of China and China Development Bank have become investment shareholders of phase I

on the same day, kangrixin, general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, announced at a forum in Changsha, Hunan that the development of a number of new nuclear power plant sites was being actively promoted. The Qinshan Phase I-III nuclear power plant and Tianwan nuclear power plant that were put into operation maintained safe and stable operation. The Qinshan Phase II expansion, Fujian Fuqing and Zhejiang Fangjiashan nuclear power projects under construction were progressing smoothly, and the Hunan Taohuajiang and Hainan Changjiang nuclear power projects were approved to carry out preliminary work. Kang Rixin said that at present, China has put into operation 11 nuclear power units with an installed capacity of 9.1 million KW

zuguangping, an analyst at nichin securities, pointed out that the average installed capacity of nuclear power in the world is 17%. By the end of 2008, China's installed capacity of nuclear power was only to create a larger and better professional and international platform, accounting for about 1.1% of the total installed capacity of the country. "Now the support funds of real money and silver have been implemented, and the proportion of nuclear power will increase rapidly."

from the perspective of the general trend of nuclear power development, the technical route and strategic route of China's nuclear power development have long been clear and are being implemented - the current development of pressurized water reactors, the medium-term development of fast neutron reactors, and the long-term development of fusion reactors. That is to say, at present, when the pressurized water reactor enters the rapid construction period, the domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturer C punch and die diameter industry will face huge business opportunities

from the perspective of industrial investment, zhangguobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, recently calculated an account based on the promotion of domestic demand by nuclear power construction: "big numbers are easy to calculate. If 100million kW is (newly built), it is 150billion US dollars, equivalent to nearly 1trillion yuan. According to previous experience, half of it is equipment costs, which is terrible."

the most powerful manufacturers of nuclear island equipment and conventional island equipment are undoubtedly Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric. Harbin electric group can keep pace with the above two companies in conventional island equipment. Its Harbin Power Co., Ltd. is listed in Hong Kong, and St Aji, A-share listed company, has the concept of asset injection. These leading companies are listed companies 158 plastic pipes that have benefited the most from the "great development of nuclear power"

CNNC technology, which produces nuclear power valves, Hailu heavy industry, which produces nuclear power baskets, and Harbin air conditioning, which produces air handling units for nuclear power plants, are also expected to benefit; Sinovel cast steel and East China CNC are expected to become "dark horses"

due to its good initial mechanical properties

"atxun, which produces electronic control equipment, has obtained the technical certification of nuclear power grade power supply operating system with the promotion of Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. It is expected to obtain at least 50% of the market share." Said Jiao Jian, researcher of Shenyin Wanguo

in the medium term, due to the lack of natural uranium resources in China, "the fast neutron reactor technology that can effectively solve the problem of insufficient uranium resources represents the future development direction of nuclear power." Zuguangping is particularly optimistic about Lantai industry, the only nuclear grade sodium manufacturer in China

Changjiang Securities further pointed out in its latest report that after the introduction of nuclear power support policies, the nuclear power sector is expected to lead the rise through new energy. "Among them, small and medium-sized board nuclear power stocks, such as wal nuclear materials, altex and Hailu heavy industries, are recommended to avoid due to their high early growth. Ziyi, China nuclear technology and Fangda carbon can continue to pay attention. It is recommended to pay attention to Shanghai Electric, Harbin air conditioning and Lantai industries, which are expected to remain strong in the future."

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