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Myanmar's largest pulp mill contracted by China was completed and put into operation

dapang pulp mill, the largest pulp mill contracted by a Chinese company, was officially completed and put into operation on the 14th. Wu angdong, Minister of the first industry of Myanmar, delivered a speech at the completion ceremony, saying that this is another witness of China Myanmar economic and technological cooperation and traditional friendship

Lt. Gen. SOE win, Prime Minister of Myanmar, Li Jinjun, Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, Tang Hai, economic and Commercial Counselor, Chinese engineers and technicians and more than 2000 local people attended the ceremony

dapang pulp mill is located in dapang Town, Irrawaddy Province, with a design production capacity of 200 tons of pulp per day. In 2000, China Metallurgical Construction Corporation signed a project contract with the paper and chemicals company of Myanmar's first Ministry of industry and began to undertake the construction of this pulp mill

on the same day, Dabang paper mill with a daily output of 50 tons of high-grade paper also held a foundation laying ceremony, which is another cooperation project between MCC and Myanmar

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