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Tangshan Caofeidian, the largest LNG project in the Bohai Rim region, recently learned from Tangshan Municipal Government of Hebei Province that Tangshan LNG (liquefied natural gas) project and supporting export pipeline project, the key project of national natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system construction, have been approved by the national development and Reform Commission. The project has a total investment of 32billion yuan and is being rapidly promoted

in principle, the existing processes in Tangshan can be used in the automotive industry. The LNG project is located in the Caofeidian Port Logistics Park in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. It is the project with the largest unloading capacity among the LNG terminal projects under construction and planned in the Bohai Rim region. The project is divided into three phases. After the completion of phase I project in 2022, the gas supply capacity will reach 7million tons

the supporting export pipeline project (Caofeidian Baodi section) starts from Tangshan LNG initial station, passes through Tangshan Caofeidian district and Fengnan District, Tianjin Ninghe district and Baodi District, and ends at Baodi off load station. The total length of the pipeline is 176.18 km. It adopts the same 1422mm large pipe diameter as the Sino Russian pipeline. The annual gas transmission capacity is 11.2 billion cubic meters, and the maximum daily gas transmission capacity is 160million cubic meters. The template is doubled once, It is the largest pipeline with the largest single transmission capacity in China and adopts a unique activity design

it was learned during the interview that after the completion of the project, Caofeidian will become the port with the largest LNG loading and unloading capacity in China. It will not only focus on ensuring the rapid growth of natural gas demand in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, promoting the optimization of energy structure and the prevention and control of air pollution, but also realize the cooperation with domestic gas Complementary and peak shaving of coalbed methane and imported pipeline gas

at the same time, the project will enable Caofeidian and Tianjin port to jointly form a unloading and tank storage capacity of about 40million tons, form a peak shaving center in northern China where the surface roughness of the metal surface before plating has an impact on the quality after plating, and gain China's voice by building a regional trading center and building China's LNG price index, thus affecting the international LNG market price, which is of great significance

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