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The largest seawater desalination equipment manufacturing base in China started construction

the largest and first-class seawater desalination technology equipment manufacturing base in China has officially settled in Hangzhou. Yesterday, the seawater desalination technology and equipment manufacturing base invested by China National Chemical Corporation announced the commencement of construction. Chenyanhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, and tongguili, vice mayor, attended the commencement ceremony

the base project is a major measure to implement the national seawater anqing chemical industry new efforts to improve the workpiece surface roughness, weight and coupling degree. The material industry base timely adjusts the desalination industry development strategy for the future plan in combination with the actual situation of Anqing and implements the Zhejiang Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone plan. It is also a major measure for our city to give full play to its technological and industrial advantages and seize development opportunities, Major measures to promote the leapfrog development of sea related engineering equipment and technology. The liquid crystal pendulum impact tester for seawater desalination is a common technical equipment manufacturing base located in Hangzhou Qianjiang economic development zone. It is built by Bluestar Corporation of Sinochem Group with an investment of 650million yuan. Phase I covers an area of 150 mu. The main construction contents include the production line of reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane with an annual output of 1.6 million square meters and the production line of ultrafiltration membrane with an annual output of 1million square meters, And a complete set of production lines for seawater desalination and water treatment with an annual construction capacity of 700000 tons/day. The construction period of the project is 2 years

Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Center under Sinochem Group is the founder and promoter of membrane seawater desalination technology in China. It is a science and technology enterprise with the earliest seawater desalination research, the strongest technical force and the largest industrial scale in China. The base will be based on Hangzhou water treatment center. 5. Displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm Torr, and its main business is desalination equipment design, high-end manufacturing, high-quality service and core product production. At the same time, it will be established in the way of "one subject (desalination R & D, product production and system integration of the center) and two alliances (Industrial Alliance and technological innovation alliance). It will strive to achieve development and innovation in, The industrial alliance will achieve an output value of more than 10billion yuan, and become a national desalination technology and membrane technology industrial base with the most types of products, the most complete service functions and the largest business scale

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