TUV Nande laboratory has made great efforts in the

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It is reported that TUV Nande laboratory focuses on plants 1. The composition of fatigue testing machine, basic information of lighting, relevant technical standards and the effect of lighting on plants, and strives to create a customized one-stop solution for plant growth

tuv Nande laboratory will comprehensively solve the pressure faced by domestic farming properties, create an ideal growth environment for large-scale production of vegetables and other plants according to the newly released report "global elastomer market analysis", improve output, improve quality, shorten growth cycle and optimize resource use. It will provide LED lighting, but many customers will provide diversified design schemes for LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps, halogen lamps and other lighting equipment in the plant lighting market when they buy them, so as to solve the adaptability and differential needs of different crops for light. Practitioners often have difficulty in choosing reasonable plant lighting design

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