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Founded in 1956, the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully won the bid for the purchase of 7.06 million instruments and equipment.

the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive research institute that focuses on basic research, focuses on high-tech innovation research that is urgently needed by the country and has major strategic goals, and develops in coordination with the application and transformation of high-tech. It is a research institution with important international influence and high level

since its establishment, the Institute of chemistry has adhered to the original innovation of science and technology, facing the world's scientific and technological frontier; Facing the national strategic needs and the main battlefield of the national economy, the Institute of chemistry will not get dirty in the car, continuously strengthen high-tech innovation and integration, and make new breakthroughs in the frontier of molecular and nano science, organic polymer materials, chemical biology, energy and green chemistry

in order to further strengthen the scientific research and technology level of the Institute, recently, according to the latest information on government procurement, it is worth pointing out that the instrumentation and equipment procurement projects (IV) and (V) of the Institute of Chinese Academy of sciences have won the bid successfully, with a bid amount of 7.06 million yuan. A year-on-year increase of 43.65%

it is reported that the two batches of projects have purchased a set of superconducting magnet, micro nano optical testing system, 600MHz NMR spectrometer host, variable data wide printing module, biochemical analyzer, transfer arc plasma generator system, etc. Series instruments are mainly used for scientific research. The announcement shows that Beijing Fiske Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Fiske Technology Co., Ltd., Brooke Scientific Instruments Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Beijing Wuma Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing China Canada chuangmeng Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing sanarc Chuangke Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies have become the purchase winners

through continuous scientific research and exploration, the Institute has formed a number of independent intellectual property rights, extended the innovation value chain, and continuously promoted technology demonstration and industrialization. Driven by the "knowledge innovation project", "taking the lead in action" plan and the "13th five year plan", the original innovation ability and technological innovation ability of the Institute of chemistry have been continuously improved. The number of patent applications and authorizations has increased year by year, and has been listed in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for many consecutive years to see if it needs refueling; Leading scientific research institutions have shown strong strength in technological innovation. It is believed that with the investment of the Institute of chemistry in scientific research, the technical level of the Institute of chemistry will achieve greater breakthroughs and further provide new technologies and forward-looking scientific and technological achievements for the chemical application market

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