I won't play tricks on Asian doors and windows. I

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Living in your city, I don't know how to boast, and I can't learn to lie. I can only do doors and windows, and I can't do things like cheating

living in your city

I don't know how to boast

and I can't learn to lie

I only know how to do doors and windows

swindle things. I can't do

I'm a window maker

I'm used to putting quality first

opportunistic things. I don't have time to do

every business means an extra responsibility

perfunctory things can't be done

I'm a door and window

service dealer is my job

hope for the survival of my family

I like and love this job

I am a window maker

I have no great dream

I hope to be able to contact more businesses

earn more living expenses every day

give my family a better life

I am a window maker

promise to new and old customers and future customers

every business of yours

will serve attentively

never cut corners

sincerely exchange your confidence

I'm a window maker

my mind is very simple

I don't have the energy to play tricks

I'm tired enough to do doors and windows

I'm a window maker

abide by the rules of the market

I live aboveboard

don't slander competitors





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