Please make way for help. Did you make way

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Please make way for help. Did you make way


updated on: December 17, 2012 by Renolit


according to the Beijing Evening News, a few days ago, a passer-by in Beijing was unfortunately crushed into serious injuries. After the 120 emergency ambulance arrived, the injured were immediately sent to the nearest hospital. It was the peak on Friday evening, and the whole road was blocked. The siren was accompanied by the radio sound of "please give way", but few cars avoided. The driver was sweating with anxiety, but the ambulance just couldn't walk! Less than 3 kilometers, a full 40 minutes! By the time the hospital arrived, the injured had died

an ambulance on the road may save a life a minute earlier. Why is it so difficult for people to move their cars and give way at the critical juncture? Is it true that people become arrogant and indifferent as soon as they drill into the iron armor

as a responsible Renolit air-conditioning hood enterprise, President Lin said to the employees of the enterprise more than once that we should be responsible, caring and contributing to the society. When we encounter things within our capabilities, we must stand up and resolutely put an end to the behavior of not giving way

an Internet survey once showed that more than half of private cars did not give way to emergency vehicles. Some drivers admitted that they were not unwilling to give way. They really didn't know how to give way and were afraid of being punished for violating traffic rules. The transformation of ambulance into snail car is really an embarrassment of automobile civilization. In this regard, how to "give way" has also become a new etiquette, which needs to be regulated in detail by laws and regulations. Once it is violated, it should be severely punished. In some countries, it is also a law to install cameras in front of ambulances to supervise compliance





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