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Feng Shui at home is closely related to our overall fortune, so the Feng Shui taboo of home decoration needs us to avoid; So what are the taboos of home feng shui decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

home feng shui decoration taboos

five taboos of home feng shui decoration

first, door and wall: when decorating the home, the first thing to ensure is that the door cannot face the wall, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of opening the door to the wall, which is not only not conducive to the airflow in the space, but also makes the owner in a depressed environment for a long time. If the house has such a pattern, you can decorate the mirror on the opposite wall, so that people can no longer feel depressed, which is also very beneficial to Feng Shui

second, the porch: the porch is very important for a home. This area refers to the place where you enter the door. Generally, you can design some decorations here to attract money, so as to attract more money for the home, so that the owner can be prosperous and happy when living. Therefore, in the process of home Chinese decoration, we must ensure that the porch is spacious and bright, which is more conducive to Feng Shui

III. bedroom and lamp: note that the chandelier in the bedroom cannot be above the bed. Many household chandeliers are located above the bed. In fact, this is very detrimental to people. It will make you feel depressed when you sleep and prone to a series of diseases. In addition, we should pay attention to the number of bedroom lights. The number should not be two, three or five. Such data is very unlucky. You can change the number of lights

IV. Attic: some homes will have attics, and the general attic is irregular. If you want to use it as a bedroom, this is absolutely not allowed. Irregular bedrooms will not only affect the relationship between husband and wife, but also affect their health. Irregular attics are suitable for storage, which will be conducive to the overall Feng Shui of the home

v. stairs: some homes have two or more floors, and stairs are needed to connect between floors. When choosing stairs, we must choose ones that are beautiful and occupy less space, so as to facilitate indoor airflow

eight taboos of home aisle decoration

1. The aisle should not be too long

if the aisle is reconstructed according to the residents' indoor traffic flow line, the length of the aisle should not exceed two-thirds of the length of the house, too long aisle will give people the feeling of overwhelming. In addition, it's best to have a corner in the aisle indoors. A straight aisle divides the house into two, which is considered to be an unfavorable pattern for home furnishing, suggesting that families are estranged from each other and lack family affection

2. There should not be too many aisles

aisles are passages in the house in the following forms, that is, there are rooms on both sides, which lead directly to the courtyard in front of the house and to the bathroom

3. The light in the aisle should not be too dark

for some rooms with large area, a small aisle will be formed between rooms. Regardless of the length of the aisle, the lights here should be bright, and it is best to have a luminous decoration at the end of the aisle

4. The aisle should not be colorful and bright

the aisle needs transparency and light, and the color should not be messy. The installation of glass or mirror under the lamp tube in the aisle will also destroy the harmonious atmosphere of the room and cause the emotional anxiety of the family. Therefore, it is best to use lighting with unified colors, do not have too many strange shapes, and try to be simple and generous

5. The aisle floor needs to be wear-resistant

because of frequent walking, the aisle floor should use anti-skid and thick floor tiles or floors, and the interface should be small, so that dirt should not be hidden in it. If there are old people and children at home, you should also pay attention to anti-skid. If conditions permit, it is not impossible to use carpets

6. Beams should not appear in the aisle

generally speaking, the ceiling should be installed on the top of the aisle with a width of more than 1.3 meters for decoration. If there is a beam on the top of the small aisle, the ceiling must be made to resolve it. Otherwise, it will give people a sense of oppression visually, and Feng Shui also suggests that family members will encounter resistance at work

7. The aisle should not be stacked with sundries

a tidy aisle will bring good mood to residents and facilitate residents to walk at will. If too many sundries or garbage are piled up in the aisle, it will affect the mood and life of residents, make life lose direction, and it is also detrimental to home transportation

8. Don't rush directly into the bedroom in the aisle

if the door of the bedroom is at the end of the aisle, it will make the airflow rush directly into the bedroom, which will affect the luck of the residents, and it is particularly detrimental to the home. If you cannot change the orientation of the bedroom door, you can hang a Chinese knot or a cotton or cloth decorative curtain with auspicious implications on the bedroom door, which can not only resolve the direct impact between the aisle and the bedroom door, but also ensure the privacy in the bedroom. (guidaye Feng Shui www.guidaye.com)

six taboos of home decoration

taboo 1 of home decoration: many people let the bed be against the wall on three sides in order to save space. In Feng Shui, the implication of such decoration is very bad, which means that residents have the feeling of being imprisoned in prison when they sleep in prison, and the bedroom represents dark wealth. When wealth is imprisoned, the God of wealth naturally cannot enter

taboo 2 of home decoration: many families generally use ceramic tiles on the walls of toilets and kitchens, but some people will decorate in the bedroom. After a long time, the ceramic tiles in the bedroom fall off, which also means that the financial games at home are bad, and it is easy to hurt people

taboo 3 of home decoration: some people don't like to throw away the broken stove or cooker, and like to stack them at home at will, but in the view of Feng Shui, this will make you never turn over, and the God of wealth won't find you

taboos in home decoration

IV: uneven housing specifications represent disharmony, especially when irregular rooms are bedrooms, it is easy to quarrel and cause trouble when living for a long time. This is a big taboo in home decoration, which can be resolved by layout

taboo 5 of home decoration: it was originally a window wall, but it was divided into several parts for beauty or convenience. This is easy to affect the aura of the whole house, and it is easy to do anything to produce many differences, so it can't be done at one go. Pay special attention to decoration

household decoration taboos

VI: many people like to place plants, small potted plants, etc. in fact, small leafy flowers and plants are very unlucky, which will make residents fall into a trivial situation and do things repeatedly. On the contrary, large leaf and broad-leaved plants can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, enhance wealth, make yourself handy in everything, and easily win the favor of superiors




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