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"4.26 Carnival decoration works with Wuhan home decoration network to visit the model houses of three decoration companies for free, and free lunch..." Recently, with the deepening of experiential site marketing, more and more people began to visit the decorated model houses. So how to visit the decorated model house? What should the owner see when visiting the decorated model house? Today, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you how to correctly visit the decorated model house

1. Choose a model house similar to your own requirements

if you require 80000 Yuan decoration, there is no need to visit 200000 Yuan decoration. Decoration companies provide very high-end model houses just to tell you that their decoration is of high grade, so the charge is not low

2. See the functional design of the model house

before the visit, get a general understanding of the owner of the model house, and see whether the design of the model house meets the requirements of the owner. You can also check whether there is enough room for towels in the bathroom, whether it is easy to use, whether the exhaust is smooth, etc. We should also check the safety of the circuit and whether the power socket is arranged reasonably

3. Look at the decoration details

carefully check whether there is paint on the door and hinge? Is the side of the door pocket line painted? Is the inner and outer corners of the wall a straight line? Open the doors and drawers of all cabinets to see whether there are burrs inside, and whether the laminates and vertical plates are tightly connected, etc

4. Check whether the garbage of the construction team is bagged? Is there a site code? Is there much clutter on the construction site? Is it uniform? Is the site clean and tidy? Are building materials piled up and placed in disorder? Do you smoke near the paint bucket? Is the finished product well protected? Whether there are enough models of tools and woodworking planes? Is there a curve saw, trimming machine, etc? Whether the tools are placed neatly and orderly

5. Do it yourself, check the bathroom

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