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Before the strategy comes out, the market takes the lead. According to insiders, after the lunar new year every year, the home furnishing market feels "market enthusiasm". The preheating activities launched by major shopping malls have further raised the industry's expectations for the market. March has not yet arrived, but the wardrobe market has already opened for preparation, looking forward to the arrival of the peak season. It is the key for wardrobe enterprises to do a good job in consumer experience. The overall wardrobe brand Deville

March may become the battlefield of wardrobe Market Sales

home shopping malls open relatively early after the new year, and have launched marketing activities to warm up the peak home consumption season in March. Although many home shopping malls have only been open for customers for a week, wardrobe businesses have been gearing up to set sales targets for this year and prepare for the upcoming peak season of wardrobe sales. Around March 15 every year is the traditional peak season of the home market, and the wardrobe marketing activities of home stores have appeared one after another

the reporter found that March will become the battlefield of wardrobe market sales, and almost all home shopping malls set March as the month of this year's activities with large discounts; At the same time, the change of consumption trend also affects the layout of wardrobe brands and categories in shopping malls. This year, home shopping malls will also make many changes in business model and brand introduction

in the era of consumption upgrading, wardrobe enterprises need to do a good job in consumption experience

Wang Linpeng, chairman of incredibly home, once said: "the overall environment of the home market in 2017 will be more difficult." However, with the change of household consumption concept, it also brings many opportunities to the wardrobe Market. According to the statistics of the head of a decoration company, at present, the decoration of second-hand houses in Beijing market has accounted for 90% of its total business volume, and the decoration of second-hand houses has become the mainstream of the decoration market; Pay attention to the concept of quality consumption, not superstitious about foreign brands, and pay attention to environmental consumption, so that domestic brands and products can move towards the high-end consumption field; Original design brands and customized products have also become the "new favorites" of mass consumption, guiding brands to continue to innovate in product research and development

insiders said that the change of consumption concept has led to the change of shopping malls. In addition, in addition to store sales, brands need to work in all aspects of alliances, projects, channels and so on. The traditional way of passenger flow in stores will not be able to adapt to market survival. Therefore, the "display function" of home shopping malls is becoming more and more important. Consumers in home shopping malls will get a better consumption experience

for the wardrobe industry, this is the first peak sales season since the new year, and all enterprises are gearing up. It is worth noting that the mainstream consumer groups are becoming younger and younger, and their consumption concepts are almost completely different from those of the previous generation. Therefore, wardrobe manufacturers also need to make adjustments in products and marketing methods, and enhancing the sense of consumption experience is the key

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