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The professional training team composed of the Training Department of furniture paint marketing center of zhanchen coating group and the technical service department of Beijing company entered Baide wooden door, a strategic partner of Beijing Runcheng Chuangzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd

blue sky, fiery June! June 20 is a sunny day. Yingge and Diewu shuttle through the colorful jungle, full of vitality! The professional training team composed of the Training Department of the furniture paint marketing center of zhanchen paint group and the technical service department of Beijing company entered the strategic partner Beijing Runcheng Chuangzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. --- Baide wooden door, and held a training exchange meeting on high gold content coating process and cost control, and improving production efficiency

at 9 a.m., the exhibition team arrived at Baide wooden door factory in advance and visited the exhibition hall of Baide functional wooden door with great artistic color and cultural heritage under the leadership of the person in charge of the company

then, accompanied by Wan Gong, the company's technical engineer, entered the factory. The workshop was full of busy scenes. Our arrival did not affect the labor enthusiasm of the workers at all. Zhanchen team visited the production workshop and learned about the basic situation of coating environment and technology

aiming at some key and universal problems, the training team carefully recorded and added to the course. The accurate course design was highly valued by Baide wooden door, and the production management team, department heads, and coating workshop team leaders participated in the training

the training ended happily with warm applause. The leader of Baide wooden door expressed his gratitude to Mr. Luo Yi, the lecturer of zhanchen training, and to zhanchen company. Such training reflects that zhanchen is not only a leader in the field of wooden door coating, but also in the application and dissemination of coating technology. Similar training has enhanced mutual trust between the two sides, and he believes that it will be able to win-win development in future cooperation. Chen, manager of the Sales Department of kedebao company, spoke highly of this training. He thanked zhanchen training team and Beijing company for their support for this training. He also hoped that in the future, we could further strengthen the communication and interaction with terminal furniture factories, improve the brand reputation and influence, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win between growth and partners while providing value-added services

attachment: introduction to Baide wooden door

adhering to the elegant temperament of being eternal and meaningful and being universal, pedeco Baide is immersed in the "Customs" of Chateau pedesclaux Baide poetry manor in the middle of the 18th century, and practices her brand vision of "the enterprise with the strongest ecological and social responsibility in the wooden door industry, the enterprise with the fastest development in the wooden door industry, the functional wooden door expert, the top enterprise in cultural marketing, and the model of deep marketing assistance". It vividly interprets the humanistic praise of virtue, integrity and virtue and the product characteristics of "spirit, noble spirit and atmosphere"

the wooden door industry was born out of the decoration industry, which was rooted in the construction industry, and the construction industry eventually served the real estate industry. Coincidentally, mahongwei, the founder of pedeco Baide, followed the career path of construction industry decoration industry real estate industry wooden door industry and developed step by step. He was engaged in construction in 1988, took charge of decoration in 1996, contacted the real estate industry in 2001, and later entered the military wooden door industry. "Technology registration for 20 years", everything is ripe. There is no doubt that the construction industry has enriched Ma Hongwei's understanding of the function of "door", the decoration industry has achieved an "invisible doormaker", and the real estate industry is the "user" of wooden doors. The feeling of "user" naturally hones Ma Hongwei's true meaning of building doors. Therefore, in today's booming wooden door industry, Ma Hongwei can be described as a person who really "knows the door"

"Baide functional wooden door" is an innovation of Baide cutting market, "function" is the "suffix" of Baide wooden door, and its "brand endorsement" directly refers to "function", which is bound to be the first mover. "Understand heart and morality", this is a classic advertising slogan of pedeco Baide. The charm is vivid and concise. Understanding heart is the resonance that pedeco Baide hopes to have in the spiritual world with its partners and consumers, which is in line with the concept of "ecology", "Empathy" (the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others) and "functional wood door experts" of pedeco Baide's construction of "ecological humanism" company, which has insight into the thoughts of consumers and conforms to market needs; Understanding morality is a highly concise concept of nature that pedeco Baide understands "developing nature and ecological cycle" and knows how to do things with heart and integrity. "Knowing heart and morality" can be said to be inherited from Mr. Ma Hongwei's real "knowing door"

the core connotation of "ecology" of Baide's "ecological humanism" company. From the perspective of economics, the economy advocated by ecology is "intensive connotation", which is conducive to the protection of nature and the creation of ecological value of social culture; From the perspective of politics, ecology is to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, promote green development, circular development and low-carbon development, and realize the vision of the largest "reform dividend" at present; From the perspective of culturology, the concept of ecological culture advocates health, conservation, equality, coordination and coexistence, the coordination of spiritual pursuit and material satisfaction, and the complementarity and infiltration of multiple cultures; From the perspective of sociology, ecology is based on the world outlook and methodology of ecological holism, and uses the principles and methods of ecological science to observe, evaluate and adjust the relationship between nature, technology and society; From a philosophical perspective, ecology is the basic philosophy of realizing the harmony between man and nature and advocating the "unity of heaven and man", which must be the value orientation of the future manufacturing industry





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