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Many netizens think that decoration is a very difficult thing, and they are very afraid of decoration. In fact, don't worry, master the links, decoration is really not a complex thing

the general process of ordinary decoration, the services that decoration companies can provide, how to deal with decoration companies, the basic knowledge of materials and processes in decoration projects, and how to choose the appropriate decoration companies and building materials brands are all knowledge that consumers should master in advance

◆ choose decoration mode

there are three popular decoration modes at present. First, light industry is contracted, and consumers buy decoration materials and entrust decoration companies to construct; Second, contract labor and materials, that is, entrust all the work to the home decoration company; The third is to pack light industrial auxiliary materials, that is, consumers prepare some main materials, such as floor tiles, coatings, sanitary ware, etc., and decoration companies are responsible for the construction and procurement of auxiliary materials, such as cement, lime, etc

one way requires consumers to be very familiar with the decoration project, required materials and building materials market, and have sufficient time; The second kind is suitable for people who have no time and energy and do not know about decoration materials and projects; The third is between the first two. Citizens can choose different modes to sign contracts with decoration companies according to their own conditions. It must be explained that when choosing a decoration company, you must choose a qualified brand decoration company. Don't look for personal studios and road guerrillas for cheap. It's troublesome to have quality problems

◆ choose designers

designers play an important role in the decoration process. When choosing a designer, you can first look at the works of the designer in recent years and refer to the professional level; Secondly, feel personal quality through communication with designers

the function of designers is to provide consumers with the layout planning, functions and design style of the room, and their professional level determines the future living environment of consumers' rooms. When communicating, we should first explain in detail how several people live, their preferences and the rules of activities in the room, so that designers can meet everyone's needs when designing. At the same time, let the designer know his favorite style. You can collect some pictures you like or dislike, so that the designer can know and master your taste

◆ sign the decoration contract

the decoration contract is divided into two parts. One part is the construction contract. Through measuring the room, the designer will produce more detailed construction drawings and determine the quotation according to the overall decoration scheme. The other part is to sign the warranty contract, which is the most important part. After completion, the project supervisor shall inspect the construction items one by one according to the project acceptance form, and the consumers shall participate in the whole process to determine whether the project is qualified for acceptance; After acceptance, the person in charge of construction shall sign a construction warranty contract with the customer. According to the national regulations on home decoration, the basic engineering warranty is 2 years, and the anti leakage engineering warranty is 5 years

if you master the above points, you will master the basic process of decoration. When purchasing building materials and furniture, try to go to home shopping malls. At present, home shopping malls have service commitments to pay in advance, and after-sales services are guaranteed. Of course, we must shop around and choose brands with high quality, low price and green environmental protection. Consumers who decorate for the first time must beware of service traps, and beware of merchants offering inferior products and additional items in decoration services with the promise of low price and free





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